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My favorite pencils: Dixon Ticonderoga Erasable (blue color) for drafting and Palamino Blackwing pencils for drawing.

My favorite pens: Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica 0.3 mm Pen (Ultra fine tip) and Faber Castell Artist Pens.

My hardware and software: I make all my art in Adobe Photoshop CC using a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 and an old-school Wacom Intuos 3 (that I still haven’t parted ways with 12 years later).

Whenever I get an idea, I either write it down on my phone or doodle it out on a piece of paper. When I decide to make it into a final piece, I sketch a better version of it with pencil and paper, and then I scan it or use it as a reference for my Photoshop drawing.

My Photoshop Process: 1. Make a rough sketch and then dim that layer to 20%. 2. Create a new layer and do the linework on top of the sketch. 3. Create another layer underneath where you add color. *I usually make every character and every object different groups of layers so I can easily move things around and adjust if I need to.

The most useful tool for artists who want to learn to draw or use Photoshop is YouTube. You can literally find anything and everything and it’s all for free.

If you want a more formal education setting that isn’t insanely expensive, check out (their yearly subscription), or Aaron Blaise’s website (he is an amazing cartoonist/animator/teacher). I have learned so much from both of those resources!

Of course! Just please leave the watermark on it if possible or credit

I don’t mind this at all. If you love my art and you want to see it and/or you can’t afford to pay for it, I don’t mind you printing it out and enjoying it or sharing it.

HOWEVER, this does not mean you can print my art and resell it for a profit. If you do that, you will be dipped in glue and then sprayed with glitter. Also, it’s illegal.

All I ask is…send pics!

No. Unless we have a licensing agreement, don’t do this. Everything on this website is original and copyrighted. It’s taken me 30 years to come up with a handful of good ideas out of a million bad ones, and it sucks to have people steal your few good ones and compete with you using your own ideas. I wouldn’t take your dog and say, “This dog is cute, your dog is mine and I am now you. Give me your face. I deserve it.” I have 2 dogs to feed, and you are just a rude creativity vampire, and I’d rather feed my dogs than you.

Yeah, fine. When I can afford to feed my dogs, save other dogs, and open up a dog sanctuary with pigs, cows and chickens, you can steal my artwork and say you made it.

Please check out my Society 6, Redbubble, and Zazzle stores for my art ready-made for merchandise. If there’s something you want that you don’t see there, please send me an email request, and I will do my best to add it to the store promptly.

Please email me directly with the details. I’d love to help if I can.

Depends! If it fits my style, if it’s not humans, and if I have the time!

Currently closed for commissions.

Will be updated soon.

Yes. I already have a mile-long to-do list, but I can add to it for free if it’s something that many people can enjoy. No promises that it will ever get made, but it’s worth a shot!

My girlfriend, family, and dogs have demanded me to stop doing things for free because I did that too much and now I’m an adult and I have bills to pay and I can’t keep a business afloat by giving everything away for free, so I can’t do that anymore, sorry! Blame them!

Sometimes I get inundated and overwhelmed, and it’s hard to answer all the emails, keep up with social media, and still have time to draw. If I don’t answer your email, try again in a few weeks! If I still don’t (a) check the FAQ to see if I’ve already answered your questions or (b) I’m sorry!

Because they are the most non-specific, non-gendered, non-colored, adorable blobs of cuteness. Also, I love birds and I’ve always wanted to fly but couldn’t, so I can relate to them 100%.

Orange cones are used to stop you from going places, so I like the idea of saying, “uh uh, I’m still going there.” We can’t learn or grow until we kick a few cones.

*Ps. This is a metaphor. It’s illegal to kick orange cones that are set up for safety reasons, so please don’t do it unless you pick them up again afterwards, you polite rebel.

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